T-Jet Silicone Foam Fray Tires

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There is high demand for these products and can take up to 6-8 weeks

Expected release date is Dec 18th 2020

All tires are $12 per pair and are will call when finished - if ordering please include a valid phone number and email to be sure we get you your order.

Wizzard Fray Tires - these tires have been a staple of fray racing, now with new foam we can start producing a quality tire for everyone again.  These tires come in Gray, Black and Black with Red Silicone coating.  

The Gray and Black have clear silicone, these tires have great traction and should last for hundreds of racing laps

The Red silicone coating tends to be a little stickier until they scuff in(lose their shine) then they have slightly less stick than the clear silicone.