New Inline Products

This is where the latest and greatest Wizzard inline products will be located for easier searching.  From Fusion and Storms to Tycos and Vipers these updates will be listed here.

 Now Carrying Hyper Rev Gears!

The newest batch of ceramic magnets are in, these much cleaner cut and much more consistent. They average the strongest the old magnets would read. They are also much more consistent in gauss across the entire magnet, the last batch seemed to have hot spots.
Motor and Traction magnets are available,
Cost is $12 and $10 per set, this still make the fusion magnets much more affordable than other manufacturers. The full assembly with the magnets on the digitune scale here jumped 5 grams in downforce.
All Cars have been held knowing these were in shipping and will have these magnets, if your car has been late, it was to get you the best possible car we can.
K001 Tweezers are back in stock, similar shape but not quite the same.
Link -
K002 - New Item Plastic Tweezers for T-Jet brushes and springs mostly, but they are inexpensive and wont snap to your magnets.
Finally Added the Slip Ons that are sold with the Fusion Brass and C4 car.