New T-Jet Products

The lastest and greatest T-Jet or Pancake style parts will be listed here
This is a light rim front end for an E-Fray style car. This front end in testing has the highest grades for an E-fray slip on car, it also works well as just a generic T-Jet front end for slip on tires, to ensure the right amount of weight as far outside, with as little rotating mass as possible all with tire size adjustability.
The newest T-jet nostalgia front end is here, there are 2 different brass weights, so there are plenty of options with different axle weights. Our two preferred are what we sell in the kits. RC thinks the light weights with the tungsten axle around 2.2 gram is his favorite from testing.
Nostalgia 1-1/8" class is closely regarded as the best non fray style T-Jet class to most groups and we wanted to help make a front end that was better since some of the old manufacturers do not support the class as much anymore.
The front end cannot be shorted which is a large plus, no need to worry about too much rock in the weight or exact fit.
O-Rings have the big disadvantage of not being able to get a slight 3 wheel out of the car, with our ground tires that will not be an issue.
Through extensive testing we determined using a non independent front end was best for this class, and we tested a lot of different types of front ends and configurations.
There is a chart with all the possible weight combinations below, Echorr sees no reason why this will not be approved.