Kennedy Medical Card

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In light of past events, Ken Ott made these cards for distribution to place in your racing box in case of any medical emergency. If you were at the Nationals, they collected paperwork like this, but not all of us know how to access that information in a time of need.
These are to be placed in your race box just in case. These cards are free, we hope and suggest that you would keep them with your stuff just in case.
You may add these to your order from Wizzard and we will include them at no charge
In case its hard to read the photos and you want to read the script easier - "Please fill out this card and keep it in your race box at all times. In case of an emergency, this card will assist the medical team. you, and your fellow racers.
This card was inspired by James Kennedy. He passed away while attending a slot car race. If he would have had a card like this paramedics would have had a better chance of saving his life and his family could have been notified immediately.
This card is dedicated to his life and his love of slot car racing. He will be missed by all.
Godspeed, James.